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LogiQC, color quality controlLogiQC, our Quality Control package, is a Windows based application specifically designed to be interfaced to a large selection of color instruments.
LogiQC is a powerful tool that supports quality control activities typically performed in the production environment.

Get more info about LogiQC (on-line manual).

Color comparison
Color data, deltas (new DeltaE 2000 introduced), color space graphics and pass/fail warnings are all visible in a single screen-shot.
Color data is available in many different color spaces (L*ab, L*uv, L*ch, HunterLab, XYZ, Yxy, RGB, CMYK).
Immediate perception of color differences is obtained using on-screen color swatches and advanced graphics.
Interfaces with popular spectrophotometers and chromameters.

Pass/Fail controlPass/Fail control
Delta tolerances can be configured to automatically detect the "Pass" or "Fail" condition of a particular Sample.
Large visible warning graphic helps keeping track of Sample's acceptance.

Sample history
The full history of color Sample measuring can be permanently stored in a single file.
These records can be retrieved and manipulated at any time.

Data registration and printing
Color data and deltas can be easily stored in external files or printed.
Quality control or internal production documents can be populated with color data and application's numeric values.
Data can be easily exported to common text, spreadsheet or database files.

ColorChecker, color rendition chartExtended instrument calibration
Helps getting consistent data across different instruments.
Multiple instruments can be used within the same software installation.
Allows to use a GretagMacbeth™ ColorChecker Color Rendition Chart to profile individual instruments.

Manual data entry and color conversion
In field measures can be easily imported.
Color data can be converted to different color spaces and standards.
Each time new data is manually entered, the resulting color is immediately displayed.

qRGB Calibration iconsMonitor color calibration
Display can be calibrated to maximize color consistency in measures and graphics.
Simple wizards help performing these basic calibrations.
Uses reliable Logicol's qRGB technology to improve the quality of color perception.