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The qRGB technology has been developed to improve the quality of color perception when using e-commerce Web services or in any situation where Internet based color communication is crucial.
One of the major problems when showing products and images on Web pages, is the poor quality of the colors the end user see on his computer screen. A product that looked beautiful on a Web page can be very different in terms of color aspect when finally purchased and received.

qRGB is a server side tool specifically designed to reduce the gap between on-line and "real" colors. It is implemented as a 2 steps process: an on-line color calibration and a server side automatic color correction.

Step 1 - Color calibration:

qRGB Color pickerThe whole initial calibration procedure takes only few easy steps and can be completed in less than 30 seconds. The user will be prompted to choose colors from a set of Web pages, each color instructing the server on what is the user's chromatic perception.
The procedure is very simple and does not requires any technical skill.

Step 2 - Color correction:

qRGB Calibration iconsAfter the calibration procedure has been completed, the Web server sends a small cookie to the user's computer. This is a small, safe, text file. It will be stored in the user's machine without affecting any application or system setting.
Each time a Web page is visited, the server detects the cookie and manipulate the image colors to better adapt to the user system characteristics. Every calibrated image is identified using a small icon (located in lower-right part).

The computer is safe:

The calibration procedure does NOT modify user's hardware or software settings in any way.
Everything happens on the server side. Nothing has to be downloaded and the computer configuration does not requires any modification.
The calibration procedure is reversible at any time. The standard (not calibrated) mode simply displays the original colors without any server intervention.
Also no personal data or system information is sent to the server.